I made my preview some days ago and now it is the moment to analyze what really happens in DN-GALAN.Saw a fantastic meeting and i will give some words about every races.


200m: Usain Bolt wins against the wind in 20"03.A good start for him but some little problems in last 80m.For the first time he wins in Stockholm without any kind of troubles.This was last race for him before Daegu,one month to put everything ok and then he will try to double in South Korea.In 200m i like his run very much and i am a little worried about 100m after have seen Asafa Powell yesterday.

400m: Out Wariner for problems,this was the return-race of Merritt and he seemed in a good shape after a so long stop finishing in a very good 44"74.Winner was jamaican Gonzales with a good 300m but a little tired in finish...compliments to him for winning in 44"69.

1500m: My personal compliments for Silas Kiplagat in a very good shape and still winner!Race not so fast as predicted due to wind,but paced very well by US Krummenacker and kenyan Ndiku.Kiplagat able to check situation and put his sprint in last 200m.Where was Asbel Kiprop??Too far from Silas in last lap!!!!He have done a good job in last 100m but not enough!!!Race is longer...

3000st: Paul Koech wins in Stockholm for sixth time...not good time however!!I thought better about Ugandas:when Koech started to push for Kiplagat was the end!!.The new Jairus Kipchoge could be interesting next year

110h:David Oliver beaten!!This is the news!!Beaten by an incredible Richardson!!Too many mistakes of Oliver in skipping hurdles giving victory to Richardson.Oliver not worried and ready to come back in London next friday...we hope

LONG JUMP: i make a mistake speaking about and easy Saladino...what kind of jumps from Aussie Mitchell Watt?!?8,54m incredible!!...very very good!!compliments!!

HIGH JUMP: Ivan Ukhov the winner!!In my opinion any doubts about his victory!!One month before Daegu he is on the right road of a very good shape...still compliments to US Jesse Williams and young qatarian!!..but...waiting for the russians in Korea!!

JAVELIN:I have quietly never seen such a good throws-race!!incredible Thorkildsen throwing at 88,30m as new world-leading!!He has declared to be in good shape but still one monthe to be better in Daegu...oh my god,what he will do there??


100m  Carmelita Jeter very sure in a very windy race...Sure of her winning and very curious of her in Daegu..

800m: Jamaican Kenya Sinclair wins clearly but what a mistake of other girls!!when the jamaican went behind the peacemakers,very wrong give her so much!!Not a good race like show in my opinion!!

400mH:Podium completely jamaican with the meeting record of Spencer...that's good!!

POLE VAULT: Isinbayeva is back!!some problems in the beginning but solve those with a fantastic jump she refound herself and went to win!!

5000m: my preferred race of incredible performance of Vivian Cheruyot!!!An astonishing race!!i said it supposed to be very fast and organized for her but i didn't think such fast!!She run last 2km alone faster then the first two with peacemakers!!She spoke about an idea to go under 14'...yes she can do it...but in a race organized better:other night she was alone too early although she could run faster already in stockholm.Surely she will be a leading-actor in daegu-theatre!!

Sorry if i left some races but i can't see those and so i cant't give my opinion about them